Charlotte Brain Tumor Race 5K

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Our family and friends will be participating in the Charlotte Brain Tumor race on March 23, 2019 to raise awareness for brain tumors. This is the number one cancer killer of children and the most underfunded cancer today. We need more research and treatments to help save our children. When treatment was being considered for our child the testing was going to cost about $ 6000.00-10,000.00 (just for testing).  It would have likely been more. Since it would have been specific to Rosie, we likely would have to pay for this testing out of pocket. When you are faced with such devastation you would want EVERYTHING done to save your child. We never had the chance to even start…

Maybe we can help prevent other families from this pain. Please join us in supporting this great cause. Join the team , make a donation if you can or come out to provide support. We would love to have you there!!

You can find out about the race by going to:

Charlotte Brain Tumor Race 5K

National Brain Tumor Society

March 23, 2019

Join our team!

Team name: Eryn Rose Strong

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